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The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) offers a superb introduction to structure and style for every writer. IEW’s unique approach provides the step-by-step instruction that students need to develop confidence in the writing process, while gradually guiding them toward greater independence and creativity.


Over the course of a year, IEW students learn nine structural models (note taking, paragraphs, stories, simple reports, writing from pictures, research reports, creative writing, essays, and critiques) to help them organize any type of composition. Additionally, stylistic techniques (strong verbs, quality adjectives, sentence openers, and more) are taught incrementally to gently move students from the basics into more sophisticated writing.


One or more years of IEW is an outstanding preparation for Lost Tools of Writing.


IEW Ancient History-Based Writing is an ideal first (or continued) writing class for students in grades 5 to 7. In this 30-week class, students will experience the adventures of the ancient world, reading about famous places and events while they learn to write with the IEW Structure and Style writing method. Additional literature selections will be assigned and discussed alongside working through the nine structural units.



Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons Student Book from IEW

The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt, G.A. Henty

The Golden Fleece, Padraic Colum

Detectives in Togas, Henry Winterfeld

The Bronze Bow, Elizabeth George Speare


Recommended Ages: 10 and up

Prerequisites: None

Day and time: Wednesdays, 5-6:15 p.m. (EST)

Cost: $575 (includes a nonrefundable $75 deposit paid at time of registration)

2022-2023 Academic Calendar and other FAQ

This course is not offered for Academic Year 2022-2023. Check back next year!